Homemade Fruit Roll Ups

Fruit Roll Ups

The rapid rise of social media in our lives has completely changed the way we eat and perceive food.

Gone are the days of ear-marked, smudged pages in a cook book– often the centerpieces to every kitchen shelf.

Today, with instantaneous access to recipes from around the globe, food hacks, videos, food tips, even live cooking demonstrations, at least 90% of  people opt to go online to search for their recipes.  It’s a sad fact but, cookbooks have transformed into static coffee-table books, judged more closely for the beauty of the food photos and cover shot than anything else.

There isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not scouring the internet for a recipe, or am enthralled with a cooking demo.

In fact, yesterday, I came across this video tutorial on how to make fruit roll ups from Quirky Momma:

My kids have always loved fruit “bark.”  The problem is finding a brand that isn’t laden with sugar.  So, the idea of making homemade bark was quite intriguing.  After all, why buy when you can make it home?

This recipe is quite simple and calls for 1 ingredient and one step!  The only challenge is baking time.  Someone needs to be home while the oven is on for 8 hours.  It’s best left for a rainy or lazy weekend activity but, it’s certainly a recipe from which everyone will benefit.

Hope you enjoy.