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We all know Fridays can get a little crazy by the end of the day and the next thing we know, we’re halfway through Saturday morning without a plan.  Wouldn’t your transition from “work mode” to “weekend mode” become more seamless if you were armed with some new meal Judy’s suggestions?  It’s safe to say that sometimes, when someone does the thinking for you, things tend to seem easier? (Oh, by the way,  you are welcome to define Dry work and weekend mode however you see 126 fit….no judgements here).

So, I’ve decided to play recipe roulette with the massive binder I’ve  compiled of Mom’s creations cheap mlb jerseys — welcome to  Friday-Food-Frenzy.  Every Friday I will post two or three of Mom’s recipes for you to have in your back pocket before the weekend begins, just in case you’re willing to experiment.  Enjoy!

To help celebrate Patent Memorial Day Weekend, this coleslaw is a welcomed side addition at any barbecue.  It’s light and refreshing (with just the right amount of crunch) and you can make it in under 25 minutes!!

For the next recipe, your knee-jerk response will be, BORING, who needs another brownie recipe?  I promise you this one has a little “kick” to it.  Again, if you’re headed to a barbecue, this is a quick-and-easy recipe that will definitely HAt raise some eyebrows.


  1. While I cannot jump on the Ramen boat, brownies with Kahlua sound fantastic. So happy you’ve started posting, can’t wait to see more.

    • gotta love the recipes from the early 70’s and 80’s….not too healthy but YUMMY! When I start to get going, I’ll need some Foodtrainers recipe adjustments..

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere! The blog looks gorgeous!

  3. Margarita says:

    I am so proud of you Shari!

    So proud!
    The blog looks amazing!

    I will try to cook, but I know nothing about cooking, I will try some of Judyfoodie recipes!

  4. elissapr says:

    I popped by after reading @beccasara’s blog…love that brownie recipe! The Kahlua and the sour cream take me back…though what I really remember are all those ‘brown cows’ that I drank in my youth (Kahlua and milk…yum!)

    • i know… too…I’m trying to stay as authentic as I can to the recipes and not change them one bit…not the healthiest but mmm mmm good! spread the word and keep coming to visit.

  5. Going to try this slaw recipe for my 4th of July BBQ – thanks Shari (& Judy)!


  1. […] 1.    The recipes contained herein (sounds very legal, right) were drafted in the late 1960’s through the late 1990’s.   Therefore, they are not the healthiest by our modern-day standards.  However, my goal is to stay as authentic to Mom (and our taste buds) as possible.  At first pass for each recipe, there will be no ingredient substitutions!  So, bring on that pint of sour cream and the Kahlua from Judy’s Brownies! […]

  2. […] With the weekend upon us, and the temperature mounting, I scoured MyJudytheFoodie for some recipes that’ll provide a cool relief to the sweltering heat.  For the week’s Friday-Food-Frenzy items, you’ll get to enjoy two very quick and easy side dishes that will compliment any meal.  We’ve dealt with part of the meal planning for you.  Just print out the recipes, put them in your back pocket and try them this weekend alongside your barbecue.  And, don’t forget to write in and tell us what you think (do you prefer Judy’s Cole Slaw with Grapes and Almonds or Judy’s Venezuelan Cole Slaw)? […]

  3. […] basil plant grew lovely fresh leaves – enough for many jars of Mom’s pesto—that is until the zucchini leaves took over and within a week, everything shriveled […]

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