Simple Summer Soup


Today’s recipe is from resident soup expert Serena aka, Seriously Soupy. Serena has given soup tours and taught soup classes and has a catalogue of over 100 homemade soups. We’re thrilled to have her here at My Judy the Foodie once a month where she shares her wisdom and helps to demystify the world of soup.

Here’s what Serena has to say:

Summer is a great time to experiment with light and health soups. While smoothies and salads are generally the typical lighter summer fare, soups are also a creative way to get a dose of nutrients while enjoying a hearty and delicious meal.

This week I used some basic ingredients that I had at home including asparagus, onions, garlic, parsley, carrots, tomatoes, and frozen peas to create a soup that was bursting with flavor.

Another benefit to soups of this kind is that they are easy to prepare and ready in 60 mins or less.