Greek Yogurt Parfait


greek yogurt parfait


Today’s guest post is from Donna Sheynfeld, author of The Newlyfed food blog. Donna is a newly-married New York City teacher recently transplanted to Lubbock, Texas for a year. The Newlyfed blog came to fruition during Donna’s quest for healthy eating.  She soon realized that so much of the food in the US is complete junk.  And, since  Lubbock is a fast food and drive thru haven, Donna was committed to paying more attention to what she eats and documenting her journey.

Here’s what Donna has to say:

Dinner club—the fabulous idea of my sister’s friend. The concept behind “Dinner Club” is that five people or couples get together monthly for a potluck meal.  The host of the month gets to choose the theme and makes the entrée. Every other person (or couple) in the group is assigned an appetizer, side dish, salad or dessert and it rotates monthly so that one person/couple will never make the same course twice in a row.  As many of my readers know, Tal (my husband) and I brought the monthly dinner club idea to Lubbock to share with our small group of friends. Since there is not much to do in Lubbock (we have already seen every movie out in the theaters!), it has become the highlight of each month.  Our last theme was “Mediterranean” and one of the couples made this delicious, simple and healthy Greek yogurt dessert.  I was surprised by how good it was especially when I found out how easy it is to make.

This past weekend I decided to recreate it for some girlfriends who were over for brunch. They all commented on how much trouble I must have gone through to make something so fancy to which I responded “oh, it was nothing!” I am not sure if they believe me, but it really was a piece of cake! It only takes minutes to make, yet looks impressive enough for entertaining! Feel free to add granola or different fruits but I stuck to 4 simple ingredients and was very pleased with the results.

Hopefully, you will be too!

greek yogurt parfait

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