Honey Bran Bread

I'm on a bread roll since baking the Cinnamon Raisin Bread this past weekend.  I was looking for one of Mom's recipes that could utilize some of the honey we have piled up in our cabinet. We love honey in my household and  it definitely helps that these products have been used and endorsed by two of the world's most popular chefs:  Bobby Flay and Tom Colicchio. Tom has said the honey is one of his "personal pantry essentials" and "favorite gifts." He also admits he keeps a "jar of the stuff at my desk at all times."   Mom's Honey Bran Bread … [Read more...]

Artichoke Squares

It's our annual pilgrimage south to visit my big sister who lives in Miami.  While the weekend is always a blast, it's definitely wrought with emotion as well.  In the mornings we wake to take long walks so we can catch up on our fast-paced lives and safely reminisce about our mom and the huge gaping hole she's left in both of our lives since she died, over 5 years ago.  It's certainly nice, albeit sad, to have someone who can completely  understand not having their mom, our mom.  Actually, there's no one else in the world who can understand me … [Read more...]