Friday-Food-Frenzy: Green with Zucchini

For Friday-Food-Frenzy this week, we’re talking zucchini.  Ok, I’m secretly hoping if we talk zucchini then maybe I’ll start to see some yield from our zucchini plant in our garden.  It’s frustrating. This plant has flowered with no vegetable in sight and, it has crawled along the ground in the garden and grown so huge that it has virtually hogged any sunlight due for the basil plant, cherry tomato plant and rosemary bush. But, we love zucchini and run out to the garden every day in search of some new growth.  Our favorite Zucchini Bread recipe hails from Sheila Lukins’ famed Silver Palate Cookbook. And, if we’re not making Mom’s Banana Chocolate Chip Loaf, we’re making the Silver Palate’s Zucchini Bread.  Since it’s summertime, we searched Judy’s treasure trove for zucchini recipes that can be made in the skillet or by hand and require minimal prep time.   Let’s be honest, who wants to hang out in a hot kitchen when it’s gorgeous outside. So, print these recipes out, put them in your back pocket and know that you have two yummy dishes to cook and serve for the weekend.   And, hopefully you’ll have more luck with your zucchini plants.

Our cramped garden. The zucchini plant has sadly taken over!



Do you have any favorite summer zucchini recipes?  Share them with us.

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