Giveaway: Tupperware Chef Series 12” Griddle Pan

A couple weeks ago I was invited to the Cooking with Confidence event with Tupperware Brands and Chef Marco Canora!  I had a blast enjoying various cooking demonstrations and testing out the latest line-up of innovative Tupperware products.  I especially loved one of the pans Chef Marco used when preparing his chicken recipe – the Chef Series 12” Griddle Pan.

Chef Marco enjoying his Griddle Pan

While most people associate a griddle pan with pancakes and breakfast (perfect to help make Mom breakfast in bed), Chef Marco cooked some tasty chicken breasts on it. Bottom line, you can grill any of your family’s favorite foods on the griddle pan.  The round, polished pan is the ideal tool for preparing everything from juicy steaks or tasty paninis, to quesadillas, pancakes, crepes and much more.  And, its got a cast-hollow handle which offers a superior grip and stays cool to the touch when cooking on the stove top!  What could be better?

This could be yours!  Tupperware 12″ Griddle Pan!

So, what are you waiting for?  This is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, and every day!  Enter to win.


Giveaway Details

One (1) winner will receive a Tupperware Chef Series 12” Griddle Pan – a $153.00 value!!

How to Enter

To enter to win, simply leave a comment in the post letting telling me what you’d make with your new Griddle Pan. That’s it! You’re entered to win!

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The Fine Print

Deadline: Friday, May 11, 2012 at 11:59pm EST.

Winner: A winner will be chosen at random using and announced at the top of this post. The winner will also be notified via email and the My Judy the Foodie fan page on Facebook; if the winner does not respond within 48 hours, another winner will be selected.


  1. elissapr says:

    Well! I would LOVE that pan! Like Chef Marco, I like to grill chicken breasts for all sorts of dinner dishes. The wide cooking area looks as if it gives you lots of room…

  2. Vanessa says:

    I think my grandsons would love some Star Wars shaped pancakes made on the griddle pan, and my daughters and sons-in-law would enjoy some crepes! I would have fun making goodies for my entire family! 🙂 <3

  3. Crêpes!! And grilled cheese. And turkey burgers. There is something retro about this pan that I love.

  4. Very cool pan! This may sound nuts, but, I would love to try a Grilled Pizza! Grill up the crust on the stove top, add the toppings and stick it in the oven to finish, adding a quick trip under the broiler at the end! Sounds like a winner!

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    Have a GREAT day!

  9. sonia steffenhagen says:

    i am a judy the foodie facebook fan!

  10. sonia steffenhagen says:

    I would use the griddle pan for pancakes , crepes and grilled cheese and many more things.

  11. Oooh. I would love a pan like that!

  12. I am fan of you on facebook!

  13. What a great promotion! I would start off the day by making fat fluffy french toast and airy blueberry pancakes. I would end the day with grilled chicken marinated in a simple lemon, olive oil dressing.

  14. I just subscribed to My Judy the Foodie on RSS.

  15. Jo-Anne says:

    wow, this is a neat pan. My fav would be grilled chicken with ginger.

  16. Melissa C. says:

    I’d make wonderful blueberry bacon pancakes!

  17. brittany says:

    red velvet pancakes, banana bread pancakes, cajun chicken the possibilities are endless!

  18. Chicken piccata would be my first choice! thanks for the chance to win!

  19. I “Liked” you on Facebook…too bad there isn’t a “LOVE IT” button!

  20. and I am now following you on Pinterest! What fun!

  21. I would make some cinnamon roll pancakes in this griddle pan. Or, some yummy grilled sandwiches.

  22. I follow you on Facebook, as Cindy Lefebvre-Jamieson and through my Hun…What’s for Dinner? page.

  23. Potato Pancakes! Sear a steak for my meat loving husband.

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  26. I would use this to make some Portabello Mushroom burgers!

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  29. I am subscribed to your RSS feed!

  30. I am following you on twitter. FYI the link you have above goes the Brown Eyed Baker’s twitter account.

  31. Lenore Block says:

    Even though I have sworn off cooking (I mean really cooking) after losing my dear husband, I still do eat breakfast and some lunches at home. I told my newish (almost 3 years) ‘significant other’ that I used to cook, but am a bit rusty. Maybe I would be inspired with a new griddle pan. My cookware is over 50 years old. I could throw out some of my old pots and pans gotten at various showers in 1958.

  32. The first thing I would make would have to be pancakes!!!!
    And if someone was looking for organic juice to have with your new griddle pancakes… I am hosting a giveaway for an organic juice line over at

  33. I follow you on twitter

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  36. What a gorgeous griddle! I would love to make my dad’s signature applesauce pancakes.

  37. I’d make pancakes

  38. I’m following you on twitter @amylou61

  39. Pancakes for all of the sleepovers!!!!

  40. Laura S. says:

    How to decide what I would do with this lovely pan! Hmm…probably stir fry, I’ve been craving that for the past few days 🙂 Thanks for the chance to enter!

  41. Laura S. says:

    I’m following you on Pinterest!

  42. I’d make potato pancakes with fennel and carrot.
    1. I follow you on FB
    2. I just subscribed

  43. That’s such a pretty, shiny pan, how can I not enter??? I think I would do grilled cheese sandwiches on the pan 🙂 WIll share the giveaway, and, Happy Early Mother’s Day!

  44. I was at that Tupperware Party! That is a great griddle. I would start by making the “Flavor Pounded Chicken” that Chef Marco made at the party. It was delicious. I blogged about the “Cooking with Confidence” event too. See “A Tupperware Party, New York City Style” at

  45. Shannon says:

    I would make anything and everything! But mainly, chicken!

  46. Rebecca L. Myers says:

    I am now subscribed (RSS) to your page.

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    I’m already a big fan of yours on Facebook.

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    You’ve been pinned.

  49. Rebecca L. Myers says:

    Sent you a request to follow you on Twitter.

  50. Rebecca L. Myers says:

    This griddle would be perfect for German pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, French toast and so many other yummy dishes. I hope I win this wonderful griddle.

  51. Love the look of this pan!! Hmmm I would make quesadillas of all sorts…my fave lately is avocado and goat 🙂

  52. Michelle Ladouceur says:

    Im a fan on your My Judy The Foodie on Facebook!! I would just love that pan,so many uses!

  53. I am already a FB fan and now follow you on pintrest 🙂

  54. Definitely crepes 🙂 Man, this pan is the god of all pans, it looks awesome!
    Thanks heaps!

  55. Would love it for crepes, pancakes, fritattas, and much more. Thanks so very much for this great opportunity to win a super pan.

  56. blueberry pancakes thanks 🙂

  57. like u on fb Julie A Scott Laws

  58. email sub using above email

  59. I would make chicken!

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  61. I subscribed!

  62. I would be making my boys some delicious apple cinnamon pancakes. 🙂

  63. I follow you on FB. 🙂

  64. Just followed you on Pinterest. 🙂

  65. rebecca deal says:

    Make Lemon/Blueberry pancakes.

  66. rebecca deal says:

    I would make Lemon/Blueberry pancakes!

  67. HI! I would make crepes! 🙂

  68. I am following MJtF on Facebook! 🙂

  69. I am following MJtF on Pinterest!

  70. Tammara Callahan says:

    I would make crepes ,omelets,grilled sandwiches

  71. probably pancakes

  72. I am a facebook fan!

  73. I am a follower on pinterest.

  74. Henrietta Lala (Granny Lala) says:

    Gorgeous pan, and I like the idea of a cool handle. However, I would probably confine myself to things that don’t sizzle when using it. I’m not a big fan of fat/grease popping all over the stove due to the low sides.

  75. Yummmm griddle… SO MANY things… sandwich steak, pancakes, corned beef hash, grilled cheese…
    LOVE Tupperware & you, Judy!

  76. I am an FB fan of yours already!

  77. I’m Pinterested or Pinvested in you too!

  78. I Google+ by RSS! xoxoxo

  79. I guess the better question would be what wouldn’t I try. I love the pizza idea from above. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  80. I follow you on twitter.

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  82. I like you on Facebook.

    Really hope to win. Thank you!

  83. Henrietta Lala (Granny Lala) says:

    Follow you on FB, Judy, and look forward to all your posts.

  84. This pan looks amazing! I have a new banana chocolate chip pancake recipe that is just begging for me to make it in this gorgeous new pan!

  85. I follow you on FB

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  88. I subscribe by RSS also!!

  89. Kathy S says:

    I’d make grilled cheese

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