Cauliflower Soup


It’s officially starting to feel like the precursor to winter. Snow on Thanksgiving?

To adapt, I’m kicking off my winter survival mode in the kitchen. So, beginning this week, the slow cooker will find a permanent place on the counter top as will the blender. Why? Because I slow cook meats and blend tons of soup—two hearty dishes ideal for wintertime.

Last night I made a terrific Cauliflower Soup. It wasn’t intentional. I noticed that I had a head of cauliflower in the crisper that needed to be used and, I had been sent a Cauliflower soup recipe earlier in the day that spawned my interest.


So, I adapted a few recipes based on the available ingredients and created the tastiest, filling soup. This soup’s base is not thick and creamy like many recipes that use half and half or whole milk. Rather, this soup relies on chicken broth as the base. Additionally, the cauliflower is not pureed. Instead, there are nice full chunks of the vegetable in the soup that adds a nice crunch to the overall texture.


I added in some shredded cheese and bacon bits before serving which definitely sealed the deal with my kids.

Try it for yourself.  Any additions?

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