Blue Potato Salad

  It’s hard being the consummate weekend hostess because inevitably many meal preps and clean ups ensue.   While I have built up the confidence to cook for people and I do enjoy feeding my family and friends, it’s so refreshing when a house guest comes to visit and requests and offers to cook a yummy dish. What’s better than that? I usually carefully plan out each meal ahead of time, primarily because I don't want to spend any quality time running out to the grocery store.  I  commence  prep/marinade work before the guests … [Read more...]

Holiday Giveaway: The Perfect Picnic

Who says picnics have to be synonymous with squashed sandwiches? THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED..... The holidays are upon us! Is your inbox over-flowing with solicitations from every company imaginable; all hoping their product will make it onto your ever-growing holiday gift list? While I strive to be a creative, thoughtful gift-giver, there’s usually not a lot of time for me to go running from store to store in search of that perfect present. That’s why I’ve always been a huge proponent of click and mortar shopping. And, I’ve … [Read more...]