Blue Potato Salad

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It’s hard being the consummate weekend hostess because inevitably many meal preps and clean ups ensue.   While I have built up the confidence to cook for people and I do enjoy feeding my family and friends, it’s so refreshing when a house guest comes to visit and requests and offers to cook a yummy dish.

What’s better than that?

I usually carefully plan out each meal ahead of time, primarily because I don’t want to spend any quality time running out to the grocery store.  I  commence  prep/marinade work before the guests arrive.  But, when a guest arrives with a recipe and the ingredients, it’s hard to say no!

I love the particular potato salad recipe (from my friend Donna) mainly for its beauty and simplicity.

With just a couple of ingredients (all of which you should be able to find in your well-stocked pantry), you’ll  whip up a beautiful, light, refreshing Blue Potato Salad for your summer cook outs.

It’s the perfect side dish to cold cuts or any grilled meats, and the honestly, vibrant blue color of the potatoes is intriguing if anything else.

Next time you’re in a bind for a picnic or BBQ side dish, try this one.

It’s quick, easy and quite tasty!

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