Pomegranate Banana Smoothie

Well, I guess you can say we’ve got smoothies on the brain.  But apparently, so do you.  We’ve gotten many many requests for more smoothie recipes.  Maybe everyone got excited over the Ninja Blender Giveaway (which by the way, you can now purchase from our store).  Regardless, smoothies have become the favorite addition to our breakfast routine.

So, here’s the deal my friends. You don’t really need a recipe to create a good tasting smoothie. In fact, they should be called “Kitchen Sink Drinks” because you can take the liberty to add in a wide range of ingredients and chances are, the final product will be flavorful.  If there’s one time in the kitchen you should be teaming with kitchen confidence, it’s when you’re making smoothies.

Yesterday we made a very refreshing Pomegranate Banana Smoothie that bumped our Blueberry Flaxseed smoothie out of the coveted best tasting spot.  And, guess what?  We just improvised the recipe.  We had some left over POM juice in the fridge, an over-ripe banana on the counter, and lots of honey in the pantry.

This drink is a must try.  Put it on a list–we won’t distinguish which one.  It’s as good for breakfast as it is post workout. If you don’t have all of the ingredients, just add in new ones (and document it)—that’s how smoothies were created in the first place!

Remember, smoothies are way too easy to pass up.  If all you have to do is hit blend, you should be blending morning, noon and night!

So, drink up.  And enjoy!



  1. mm, nice juice recipe for this summer 🙂

  2. So delicious! Makes me want to have some right away!

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