Apple Clafoutis

apple cafoutis

When I first started sorting through Mom’s recipes, I circled all of the words that (at the time) were completely meaningless to me.  Among them: parboiled, pin prick, blanched and CLAFOUTIS.

Almost two years later, I’ve since parboiled, pin pricked, blanched and just yesterday, made my first clafoutis!  How exciting.

In my kitchen-clueless mind, Clafloutis sounded more like some sort of tree fungus rather than a celebrated baked custard French dessert.  Apparently, a traditional clafoutis contains cherries arranged in a buttered dish covered with a thick flan-like batter. The clafoutis is then dusted with powdered and served lukewarm.

Once I looked at the ingredients, Mom’s clafoutis recipe seemed fairly simple. I had a ton of extra apples so I decided to use apples as my base fruit instead.  Plus, it’s been so spring-like outside, I figured a clafloutis would be a nice, light dessert to serve to my family.

You should have all the ingredients for this dish in your stocked pantry.  The batter is simple to make. The recipe also calls for some rum which I didn’t have on hand but, I knew my kids probably wouldn’t enjoy it anyway so I omitted it.

In hindsight, using apples as the main fruit might have been a tad more difficult than the traditional cherries.  I had to peel, core, cut and bake the apples in a skillet with butter and sugar which was a bit more time-consuming.

Once the batter was poured into the pie plate and the apples were layered on top, I placed the clafoutis in the oven.

Apple ClafloutisBaked apples in clafoutis batter

I should reiterate: this recipe creates a custard-like textured dessert, not cake-like!  I almost over-baked the dish as I was expecting a cake consistency versus the warm, soft custard-like center.

When baking was complete. I poured the extra butter/sugar mixture and delved into my first piece!

If you enjoy flans, bread puddings or custards, you’ll LOVE this dessert.

It is soft, creamy and very sweet; perfect cold for breakfast or warmed for dessert.

Bottom line, it’s too easy to pass up.


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