Quick and Easy Coffee Cake


For 10 summers at camp, I’d wake up every Sunday morning and head to the dining hall where I’d indulge in a vast buffet boasting the most amazing coffee cake.

It was served warm, super moist, with a sinfully sweet crumbly cake topping.

It was so good, you simply could not eat just one piece. At that point, I’d break the rules. I’d pack more coffee cake pieces in dozens of napkins, slip them under my bathrobe, and shuffle back to my cabin – where there was a strict no food allowed rule.

Ever since then, I have been on a quest for a coffee cake recipe to rival camp’s memorable version (and one that isn’t intimidating too).

It wasn’t until my last month (of a sixth month process of categorizing and hand-typing Mom’s recipes) that I came across a Mom’s Pull-Apart Coffee Cake recipe.  While I don’t ever remember tasting her version, I was so psyched to give it a whirl.  Unfortunately, after trying to read the whole recipe, I realize that like many others, it was incomplete.  There was a huge stain covering the last two ingredients and all of the instructions.

So, like many times before, I found myself on a mission.  I quickly started searching the internet for Coffee Cake recipes that could complete Mom’s and bring it to life in my kitchen.  And I found one that was quite simple and required very few ingredients (all of which I had in my stocked pantry).

I have made this recipe 3 times in the past two weeks- it’s that quick and tasty.

The batter uses a Bundt pan rather than the sheet cake I remember from camp. Even though this version doesn’t contain any of that sinfully sweet crumbly topping that would make my teeth sting, it’s  light and moist and perfectly dusted with a subtle mixture of cinnamon and sugar.

Without the heaviness of that crumble topping, you won’t get full after one slice and you might just want the cake all to yourself!

So, what are you waiting for?

Go on, try it!


  1. Looks absolutely delicious!!

  2. can I use the pudding that is COOK N”SERVE instead of instant?

    • The cornstarch is already in your pudding mix. There are two different types of thickening agents, one requires you to cook it and the other is an instant thickener. They are not interchangeable and they are already in your mixes whether they be cooked variety or instant type.

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