Grilled Corn with Tarragon Crème Fraîche

 corn panks

Summertime always reminds me of the bountiful sweet corn harvest.

I’ve watched many of the farms on the east end of Long Island transform themselves from barren dirt-covered fields to  symmetrical rows of the lush, rigid corn stalks, jutting up towards the sky.

Lucky for me, all of the farmer’s markets have started to set up their “Sweet Corn Here” signs to lure customers (like me) to check out their selection of ears.  While the height of the corn harvest isn’t until August, corn ear pyramids are piling high on tables of the various makeshift markets.

Whenever I pass them, I always reminisce about my childhood where no barbecue or summer dinner of my mom’s was ever complete without Silver Queen corn, specially-prepared.

I’m certain, for the reminder of this summer’s menu planning I will try to include some variation of corn for dinner, consecutive lunches, and then dinner again. My kids love to help shuck the corn and I’ve recently started getting more confident grilling the ears instead of boiling them on the stove.

But, I can’t deny, corn steamed and then sautéed in the skillet is my absolute favorite recipe.

This time around, I decided to replicate a recipe I read for “corn planks”— corn that is slowly and deliberately cut into rows, together.  It’s easy, you just hold the ears  vertically and gently cut down along the sides with light pressure allowing corn “rows” to fall down together versus individual kernels.

Not only does it look good when serving, it’s like you’re eating an entire sheet of corn at once.

corn planks

The whipped crème fraîche tarragon sauce is especially light, refreshing and tangy— a nice alternative to hot melted butter. (I served it on the side, not know if my 8-year old would like it).


I’m thrilled to add another corn-based dish to our summer rotation and you will be too—once you try it!

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