Sauteéd Shrimp and Soba Noodles

shrimp and soba

Yesterday I worked on a recipe containing 4 ingredients I’ve never used before:  soba noodles, chilli oil, sesame oil, and rice vinegar.  They may seem pedestrian to you but, they were new to me!


Even though I have been trying to cook new recipes at least 3-4 times per week for the past 2 years, I still don’t mind when I’m directionally clueless while seeking out items in the super market; it usually turns me on to other new ingredients.  I had no sense where I’d find the oils as they weren’t stocked alongside the regular canola, vegetable, and olive oil varieties.  I  found them in the “Asian Fusion” section and simultaneously got turned onto many other condiments and spices integral to Asian-accented  dishes.

I decided to make a flavorful shrimp dish since we’re still overloaded from too much chicken and beef from last weekend.  I found a  Shrimp and Soba Noodles recipe from Good & Fresh magazine that I knew I wanted to adapt.  I had never cooked with soba noodles and had no clue what they were.  (I’ve now leaned that they’re thin Japanese noodles made from at least 30% buckwheat flour and also wheat flour.)

Like most others on this blog, this recipe is super easy and takes less than 30 minute to make.

I decided I wanted to sauté the shrimp in a traditional scampi style instead of boiling them.  I also used the left over sauce from the skillet in which to sauté the broccoli heads- YUM!


The soba noodles took 6 minutes to cook and while they were boiling on the stove, my son and I made the peanut sauce –which he now claims is chief rival to my mom’s flank steak marinade!

I chopped the noodles into fork-sized pieces and then added in the shrimp, broccoli and onions.  I omitted the nuts.


We loved our asian dinner-in-a-bowl!  And, the best part?  The cold leftovers I had for lunch.

Go on and try it for yourself.




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