Nurture Me Nature: First Gluten-Free Mixes without MSG!

Last week I introduced you to Chef Jack, an extraordinary 13-year old chef who’s been cooking for the past 7 years to help raise money and awareness for Leukemia research.  This week I’m honored to introduce you to Marina Levitt, the creator of the very first line of dry, delicious, non-GMO baking mixes that are also organic, kosher and gluten free!

Marina’s personal health struggles and her desire to embrace her challenging dietary condition is equally inspiring:

In 2001 she was diagnosed with H-Pylori, and had to go through a year of harsh antibiotic treatments to kill the bacteria. As a result her intestinal flora was destroyed to the point she could no longer digest foods that were genetically modified, gluten, starches, yeast, dairy, eggs and many other foods she loved eating.

Her condition forced her to start cooking differently. Marina began creating breads and cookies that are not only gluten free, organic, non GMO, kosher and and vegan, but also…

~  the first gluten free mixes on the market that don’t contain MSG (all other baking mixes in stores contain guar or xathan gums, which contain MSG!)
~ contain no starch powders (no tapioca, rice or potato starch)
~ contain no sugar in the mixes other than green stevia and minimal coconut sugar just to cover the bitterness of stevia

Listen to other food professionals rave about Marina’s product:


Maria has just started an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to help with the mass manufacturing of these much- needed products, so others can benefit too!  To make a donation and help her dream become a reality, please click here.

FYI – these mixes are available for sale now in small quantities.  You can write directly to for more information.


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