City Harvest’s Skip Lunch Fight Hunger Program

skip lunch

I’m working with City Harvest to help spread the word about their Skip Lunch
program happening this week to help fight hunger.

Many of you might not know that childhood hunger is a serious problem in New York City, and many of the New
Yorkers most vulnerable to hunger are children. According to data compiled
by Feeding America, nearly one in three children in New York City (31%)
lives in poverty, and nearly one in four children (nearly 25%) are food

Skip Lunch Fight Hunger was conceived in 2003 by Food & Wine magazine Senior
Vice President and Editor In Chief Dana Cowin to motivate colleagues in the
publishing industry to fight hunger. Since then, New Yorkers have
contributed $4.3 million dollars to the campaign.

During the summer months, access to free school meals may become limited,
adding strain to families who already struggle to put food on the table.
Skip Lunch Fight Hunger helps City Harvest meet this need for emergency

In 2013, Skip Lunch Fight Hunger raised enough to help feed more than 26,000
children and their families for the entire summer. This year, City Harvest
is calling all New Yorkers to help reach our goal of $735,000 to help feed
our neighbors in need.

Running from May 12th ­ 16th, the campaign asks New Yorkers
to donate what they would normally spend on lunch to help fight hunger in
our city.

To support this year’s Skip Lunch Fight Hunger campaign, City Harvest
created an inflatable version of its iconic brown lunch bag.

The bag,measuring 10 feet by five feet wide, will appear in well-trafficked areas of
Manhattan this Monday through Thursday and will serve as an inspiration to
New Yorkers to help feed our city’s hungry children during the summer months
when access to school meals can become limited.

Just $10, the cost of an average lunch, can help feed 41 children.

This year’s goal is $735,000,which will help feed more than 33,000 children and their families.

You can register at to make donations online.

Please join the skip lunch movement as every little bit helps!




Disclaimer:  I was certainly NOT compensated to write this post.  I wholeheartedly believe in the philanthropic efforts of this program and am committed to supporting them.

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