Quinoa and Chia Salad

quinoa chiasalad

I’m continuing on my crusade to get everyone to incorporate Chia Seeds into their diets. I’m not pretending to be a nutritionist nor am I a dietician but, when I do stumble upon something that totally enhances the nutritional component of a dish without detracting from its flavor, I love sharing it.

Tonight for dinner I cooked a simple side by combining some quinoa with chia seeds. Talk about a seriously protein and fiber rich dish – you can’t go wrong here. The nutty flavor from the cooked quinoa is subtly offset by the delicately tangy flavor of the dressing to create a tasty and HEALTHY addition to any protein. (I just shredded some rotisserie chicken and added some spoonfuls of apple sauce to round out the meal).

This dish is just as good served cold as it is hot. So, while we enjoyed it tonight for dinner, tomorrow it’ll be eaten as a cold “salad” for lunch (throw in some cherry tomatoes and some chopped basil).



  1. Love the combo of quinoa with chia seeds. I have combined a lot of things with quinoa and use chia seeds in my smoothies and baking but never thought to combine these two. Great idea! Thanks for sharing on Tasty Tuesdays.

    • sharib says:

      can’t wait to hear your thoughts Linda. Let me know how it turns out or if you make any modifications that enhances the flavor!

  2. This looks really delicious! Quinoa and Chia…..what a wonderful combination. Thank you sharing at Tasty Tuesdays. Pinning now.


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