Black Bean Power Salad

black bean salad

For the first time since becoming a parent 12 years ago, I’m officially an empty nester!  Both of my kids shipped off to sleep away camp last week and I’ve been walking past their empty bedrooms with the deepest sense of longing.  Now I know how my parents must’ve felt every summer.  And, I was a lifer at camp, having gone away 9 straight summers.

I still can’t believe I’m now that parent, the one with kids old enough to live on their own for the summer.  My first fear was for whom would I cook- since I’ve reaped so much culinary satisfaction over the past three years.  My second fear was whether or not I’d have anything to talk to my husband about since the lion’s share of our conversation together is concerning our kids, their lives, their hectic schedules.

Lucky for me, I still do love my husband and I still cherish our time together.  I’m looking to these next few weeks as an opportunity to share quality time and experiences and conversation that are otherwise robbed from us when we’re in the throws of parenthood.  Additionally, I’m looking forward to testing some recipes for one, some no bake recipes, and others that I know for certain, one or both of my kids might not eat.

For a simple no-bake summer recipe, I adore this black bean power salad I recently received  as part of a recipe exchange a few months back.  It’s light and refreshing and you can improvise every time you make it.


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