New Year: Walnut Apricot Bundt Cake


To ring in the New Year, my 9-year old and I baked all-day-long.  Most of the appetizers were our usual favorites:  Mom’s Baked Brie, Crescent-Wrapped Beef Franks. But, we both wanted to bake the Walnut Apricot Bundt Cake recipe we found in The New York Times.  Apparently ring-shaped foods are symbolic of good luck– the rings symbolize the year’s coming full circle, and eternity.

Lucky for us, we had all of the ingredients on hand (even buttermilk) so we could immediately satisfy our baking desires.  Interestingly enough, we realized the cake doesn’t use any sugar but rather honey.  And, we decided to substitute regular unbleached white flour versus the whole wheat flour from the recipe.

We took turns dividing tackling the recipe.


My son always gets to crack the eggs and work with the liquids and I always get stuck handling the dry ingredients. From many kitchen fumbles I’ve learned that baking is an exact science.  Every measurement needs to be near perfect or the end product could get completely altered.  So, we were very methodical with each step.

My son works the mixer like a pro now.  As we watched the dry ingredients combine with the liquid, we talked in a trance-like state, going over our self-prescribed resolutions for the New Year.

I love those stolen moments of time with him, and cherish every minute.

Forty-five minutes later, we had a beautiful Bundt cake ready New Year’s day; it’s sweet enough to be eaten for dessert but, we opted to devour it for breakfast.

Enjoy and Happy New Year.




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