Blueberry Brunch Cake

Ah, Mom’s Blueberry Brunch Cake!

That smell.

That pungent smell of blueberries baking in the oven still transport me back to any given Sunday when my family would gather together for brunch after a long morning at Sunday school.  And, to think that I couldn’t find that recipe in Mom’s vast handwritten recipe collection.  So many Sunday brunch memories are woven throughout that cake; they’re as integral as its key ingredients.

How undeniably fitting is the article, Playing Kitchen Detective, in the Food & Dining section of the Wall Street Journal:

“As people become more accustomed to cooking in their own kitchens, they start looking for [the dishes] they have fond memories of”

“Fueled by nostalgia, legions of eaters are returning to the kitchen to recreate fond dishes from their childhood made by older relatives.”

My son was only 3 years old and my daughter 6 years old when my Mom passed away.  Most of their visceral memories of her alive are only drawn from  final week(s). Through my cooking, she’s been resurrected. With the aromas and comforting heat from the oven, the sounds from the stove top and the beautiful creations served on the table, she’s very much alive and vibrant and continues to nourish us all.

Mom spread her love through her food.  She took time and patience creating dishes that wowed the masses and made indelible imprints on every beneficiary.

The absence of that Blueberry Brunch cake recipe left a whole in my heart.  A lifetime of memories and tastes and smells bundled up in that one 9″ cake.

Can you imagine the huge wave of relief that washed over me when I received a random email out of the blue, entitled, “Blueberry Brunch Cake?”

The email was sent from the mother of a very good friend of mine from grade school (we’re talking MANY years ago).  She told me she recently made Mom’s Blueberry Brunch Cake to take to a friend convalescing from surgery: “I enjoy making  this cake all the time for book club.  I received it from your mom many years ago.  I miss her so much and think of her often.”

Even to this day, over 6 years later, people are still touched by Mom and spreading her love…


So, back to the cake.

Don’t be fooled, it is SWEET.  Don’t take it lightly.  The cinnamon-sugar topping makes a strong case for BRUNCH– the kind where you’re prepared to sit at the table and eat and talk for hours.

Cinnamon and sugar baked into the cake

But, the sweet flavor of the baked blueberries contrasted with the perfectly moist, fluffy cake is a must for after dinner too.

Fresh blueberries lightly dusted with flour (to prevent them from sinking to the bottom!)

Blueberry batter!

Therefore, don’t be fooled by the name either.  This cake is so good, you can eat it all-day-long!

Betcha can’t just have one slice



  1. Charlotte Moore says:

    Looks good!! Only 11/2 T buyer??? Low fat!!!

  2. Charlotte Moore says:

    OOPS!!!! Butter!!!!

  3. Eve Yohalem says:

    I’m making this Sunday!

  4. Looks yummy and healthy!

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