Raisin Bread for Beginners


I’ve always told my kids it’s ok to make mistakes.  We learn from our mistakes.

As the age-old saying goes, “you never touch a hot stove twice.”

And so, I attempted to make a very easy Raisin Bread yesterday and failed miserably.

The best part was that my kids watched me fail, get frustrated, and try again.

I was dubious of the active yeast that I had purchased for the bread making. It was the first time I used a yeast that didn’t require mixing with water.

When, after 90 minutes covered in a bowl in a warm place, my yeast did not rise one centimeter, I knew the recipe was doomed.

breadfaildough didn’t rise a bit after 90 minutes

So, I threw out the mangled floury mess, went to the store to purchase new yeast, and tried again.

Making bread is the ultimate baker’s delight.  It truly is like conducting a fun science experiment (that is, when everything goes as planned).

There’s no greater feeling of success in the kitchen (for me) when your bread dough has risen twice in size!  But, like a science experiment, all conditions must be EXACT.  The yeast is a living organism and requires very specific temperatures and altitudes to rise.  Make sure you pay specific attention to the directions on your yeast packet.  The success of your bread making starts HERE!

So, attempt #2 was not only a success, but, my kids LOVE it.  We’ve enjoyed the some slices as a snack after school and toasted with some preserves in the morning.

yeastrisenTake 2: the dough doubled in size!

Don’t be intimidated to make bread.  Give yourself the latitude to mess up a few times.  I promise, the first time a recipe is successful, you’ll be up for more challenges…..

raisinbreadfinalfresh from the oven


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