Sweet Potato Apple Soup


As we’re inching closer to the Thanksgiving holiday, my shelves and fridge are getting stocked with traditional Thanksgiving ingredients.  There are myriad recipes choices for your turkey day table, but, make sure not to overlook perhaps the simplest and healthiest dish of them all, SOUP.

I’m so happy that our resident NY soup expert, Seriously Soupy, has shared with us one of her latest fall creations: Sweet Potato Apple Soup.  Want to make your supper a little kinder to your waistline?  Perhaps you substitute your Sweet Potato Casserole with Melted marshmallows with this soup.  It’s sweet and hearty and might just take the place of all of those side dishes you might regret the next morning.

Here’s what Serena has to say:

Over the holidays, many people bring dessert and wine to celebrate Thanksgiving. Another special dish to bring is homemade soup. In this recipe, I used some traditional elements of Thanksgiving like sweet potatoes, apples, and celery and then flavored them with cinnamon, sage, cinnamon, salt,and pepper. Ready in a about an hour, this is one soup that is sure to be a favorite this fall and on Thanksgiving.

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