Thanksgiving: Pumpkin Pudding


This Thanksgiving, celebrate fall’s bounty by using pumpkin in your dishes.  While we do love the traditional Pumpkin Pie recipe, we’ve fallen in love with Pumpkin Pudding too.

Mom’s Pumpkin Pudding is not at all what you’d expect from a dessert with the pudding moniker. It’s not served in a bowl and eaten scooped with a spoon. In fact, the pudding bakes in a Bundt pan and, therefore not amorphous.


Take one good look at the list of ingredients and you’ll understand why this particular “pudding” becomes very dense and springy.   The ingredients in this recipe are also celebrated seasonal favorites: a can of pureed pumpkin, lots of yummy cinnamon, golden raisins, walnuts, lots of sugar and very generous portions of butter. The addition of the Armagnac brandy also laces the dessert with a faint oaky flavor in the same way the Bourbon lends an afterthought of warmth to the Mom’s Bourbon Nut Cake.

Your Pumpkin Pudding can be easily adorned with small gourds, cranberries, dried leaves and they make beautiful centerpieces for any Thanksgiving dessert table.

Only caveat: my 9-year old said the desserts must be served with full disclosure to kids, since they do contain traces of alcohol….

Hope you enjoy.



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