July 4th: Whoopie Pies

  July 4th is a day of celebration.  And, what better way to get in the holiday spirit than to make some Red, White and Blueberry Whoopie Pies? For me, Whoopie Pies remind me of my summers at camp in the back woods of Maine where Whoopies (or Moon Pies) are a celebrated beach treat. A few summers ago I first attempted to make Mom’s Whoopie Pie recipe I found in her archives.  It needed to be made entirely from scratch—from the cake-like exterior to the creamy interior (which used raw eggs).  And, while they didn’t look exactly as I had … [Read more...]

A Chilled Dip for July 4th

Are you scheduled to have a house/apartment full of people this holiday weekend? Or, are you mooching off your “good” friends? Either way, you should definitely have a dip.  And no, not a dip in the pool–I’m hoping you’re already planning to do that.   Here's a quick dip recipe for you to print out and put in your back pocket (or beach bag) for your last minute weekend grocery trip.  It's easy to make and will compliment any classic 4th of July burgers-and-dogs barbecue. So, let the fireworks begin…..around your picnic table! Save … [Read more...]

July 4th Grill Tips &Tool Giveaway

Is there any holiday more synonymous with grilling than July 4th? Apparently 62% of Americans surveyed say they grill the most on this particular holiday.* However, many people find grilling a steak daunting.  I did until I started experimenting on my own.  Unfortunately, while a lot of propane  burned, so did many of the meats I purchased.  And, I'm not alone.  Apparently 64% of people surveyed have burned their meal on the grill. For those who share similar grill fears and mishaps, I'm excited to spread the word about the LongHorn … [Read more...]