For this week's Friday-Food-Frenzy, we're all about chicken.  My mother's Chicken with Mango Chutney was her most celebrated chicken salad dish served on numerous occasions and featured in the Cooking Club Cookbook.   However, as I weave my way through her myriad recipes, I'm learning she often had many different versions of a dish.  With a quick substitution, Judy's Chicken Salad with Mango Chutney becomes Judy's Chicken Curry Salad.  Take away the curry and add some mayonnaise and some grapes and voila, Judy's Traditional Chicken Salad.  … [Read more...]

Judy’s Garlic Chicken

Mom’s Garlic Chicken was my all-time favorite dish for dinner.  Remember, the Banana-Chocolate Chip loaf was my favorite dessert. Are you starting to discover a pattern here? Of course I had to start my culinary expedition cooking meals that were my highlights.  That softens the blow a little bit, right?  I don’t consider this cheating but rather, like getting that long summer reading list from school and only starting with the books of interest.  If I could purchase the Cliff Notes for all of Mom’s recipes I would, but, since that’s not a … [Read more...]