Measuring Time with Your Kids: Quantity vs. Quality

“To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today”   - Anonymous Last week, I received an invitation from Moms and the City to attend a preview screening of Sarah Jessica Parker’s new movie, “I Don’t Know How She Does It,” the story of a career-driven mother who constantly deals with the balancing act that accompanies the fast-paced life of a working mother.   Afterwards, the audience was able to query both Sarah Jessica as well as Alison Pearson, the author of the best-selling book. Save a few dad … [Read more...]

Judy’s Black Bottom Cupcakes: far from rock bottom

Today ranks in THE TOP 5 HARDEST EXPERIENCES I’ve ever had as a parent.  I sent my “baby” off to sleep away camp in Maine.  I know this was a choice that we made so I can’t whine.  But, there’s something so wretched about loosening the “grip” on your child, watching them wave to you through the tinted windows of the bus, only to turn their head and vanish into the summer.  Knowing this day would come, we carefully scheduled a weekend chock-full of family activities.  We wanted to eek out as much quality time together as humanly possible.  First … [Read more...]

Judy’s Earthquake Cookies: They’ll Make You Tremble

Two months ago we learned that we had to travel to Baltimore for a funeral of a great-grandmother. Talking about death with my kids is like pulling the scabs off wounds--they immediately bring the conversation back to my mom’s death.  They still can’t really understand why she had to die so young.  However, that made it easier to then turn the conversation around and talk about their great grandmother's full life.  Remarkably, she left a family legacy of 10 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. To brighten the mood and change the … [Read more...]

Judy’s Garlic Chicken

Mom’s Garlic Chicken was my all-time favorite dish for dinner.  Remember, the Banana-Chocolate Chip loaf was my favorite dessert. Are you starting to discover a pattern here? Of course I had to start my culinary expedition cooking meals that were my highlights.  That softens the blow a little bit, right?  I don’t consider this cheating but rather, like getting that long summer reading list from school and only starting with the books of interest.  If I could purchase the Cliff Notes for all of Mom’s recipes I would, but, since that’s not a … [Read more...]