Got Perspective?

The world is a half glass of water.  You are a half glass of water. Your perspective determines whether you focus on what you have or what you are missing  It is wise to be aware of personal and social shortcomings.  However, life is richer when you immerse yourself in the great things within your reach... (Unknown) This past weekend was a true lesson/test for me about keeping everything in perspective. I am always trying to preach this mantra to my young kids-- missed opportunities, broken toys, sibling arguments, lost games are usually … [Read more...]

Friday-Frenzy–Hurricane Hurricane Hurricane

  Everyone's bracing for Hurricane Irene.  I went to the grocery store to stock up like everyone else on the Eastern Seaboard.  Boy, was that stupid.  At the deli counter, I pulled ticket number 69 and they were only at number 19. After preparing a huge dinner tonight for 11 people and shopping for a weekend's worth of food for 11 people, we've now learned that our family from Baltimore isn't going to make the trip due to the weather forecast.  So, a weekend's worth of cook outs and camp outs and dinners out and birthday … [Read more...]