Lemon Bars

I remember my mom baked incessantly in the wintertime. There’s something very soothing when your house is warm and toasty and full of aromas wafting from an oven that’s in constant use.   She truly loved baking. And, lucky for us, we were the proud beneficiaries of all of her baked masterpieces. Mom had a Flour/Sugar Shaker so she could evenly sprinkle flour, powdered sugar or cinnamon over top her Viennese Crescent Cookies, Salzburger Nockerl, bread dough, or anything else requiring a powdery coating. She really had a flair for presentation … [Read more...]

Lemon Squares

If you’re craving a summertime dessert that’s light, sweet and tangy, Mom’s Lemon Squares recipe will satisfy your desire. Headed to a picnic and don't know what to bring? Lemon squares will compliment any lunchtime spread.  Not to mention, their bright yellow center with powdered sugar topping makes you want to celebrate the sunny summer days! These treats are so easy to whip up.  Trust me, you don’t need any culinary skills, nor do you need to waste a lot of time in the kitchen. Just mix the flour, powder sugar and butter and bake and … [Read more...]