Lemon Squares

If you’re craving a summertime dessert that’s light, sweet and tangy, Mom’s Lemon Squares recipe will satisfy your desire.

Headed to a picnic and don’t know what to bring? Lemon squares will compliment any lunchtime spread.  Not to mention, their bright yellow center with powdered sugar topping makes you want to celebrate the sunny summer days!

These treats are so easy to whip up.  Trust me, you don’t need any culinary skills, nor do you need to waste a lot of time in the kitchen.

Just mix the flour, powder sugar and butter and bake and then mix the eggs, lemons, sugar and flour, and bake.  That’s it.

Lemon Square cookie crust, awaiting lemony topping

In less than one hour, you’ll create deliciously tasty lemon squares containing a sweet and crumbly cookie crust with a soft goey lemony center.

Sprinkle some powdered sugar on top and you’re ready to beat the heat and eat.

For some extra sour zing, squeeze lots of fresh lemon juice into your batter.  Don’t hold back.

Want more zing?  Use more lemons.

But, be careful.  You can’t just eat one…or two…

After this photo was taken, I ate all the lemon squares!



  1. These look divine! I’m loving me all things lemon lately so I’ll have to try these 🙂

  2. Wow do these look fantastic! I cannot wait to make your recipe. Come and visit us. We have some wonderful picnic foods this week. WE are also having a flip flip giveaway on Friday. Be sure to stop by.

  3. Do you think I can substitute stevia and coconut flour? I’m on a no sugar, no white flour diet.

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