Chocolate Avocado Banana Pudding

Finally, the temperature soared into the low 80’s this weekend. New York City was bursting with people who seemed to come out of an extended wintry hibernation. Every last remaining patch of grass was reserved for picnic blankets and strollers, bubble blowers and panting canines. Every year, it's like clock work.  With he warm weather comes my quest to create  cool treats that are as refreshing as they are healthy. We’re trying to avoid the weekend multi-visits to the ice cream cart that always overcharges and under delivers.  An argument … [Read more...]

Raw Chocolate Pudding

The type of pudding I remember eating as a child came directly from those square plastic containers that probably sat on the shelves of the supermarket for weeks.  This same pudding was endorsed ad nauseum in the 1980's by Bill Cosby in those iconic commercial's where he's featured licking the chocolate Jello "puddin'" off his spoon while surrounded by dozens of salivating kids.  It's probably safe to say every brown bag school lunch packed by Mom contained a jello pudding accompaniment for dessert. My go to chocolate pudding as a kid....and a … [Read more...]