e-Meals 3-Month Meal Plan Giveaway and an OXO 5-Piece Container Set

My biggest AHA cooking moment came to me when I finally realized that if I actually planned out my meals for the week, much of the stress would in turn dissipate.  Many people detest the drudgery of meal prep, especially when it involves cooking for a family and keeping our meals diversified can be a challenge when there are picky eaters involved. What if I told you that you could win an eMeals 3-month “Classic Family Plan” subscription to help take the mystery and stress out of your meal prep? That’s right.  At the beginning of each … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Candy Buttons

Remember the chocolate turtles we made for Halloween? Well,  Valentine's Candy Buttons are very similar. With only three simple ingredients you can create fun, festive, colorful buttons.  A perfect family-friendly activity. Festive holiday M&M "buttons" Pretzels and Hershey's Hugs lined up and ready to heat up Button assembly line … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Sweetheart Candy Bark

Sweetheart Bark is the ideal candy for anyone who has experienced the gamut of emotions on Valentine's Day. Maybe your most intense memories date all the way back to grade school when you exchanged those cheesy VDay cards in those makeshift paper bag mailboxes. Or, maybe it was a Valentine's Day you spent broken-hearted, alone, cursing the Hallmark holiday. Or, perhaps it was a Valentine's Day with your loved one, in a romantic place, sharing an unforgettable moment. Or, maybe your most meaningful Valentine's Day has been as a … [Read more...]