Vegetable-Packed Winter Comfort Soup

Vegetable-Packed Comfort Soup

Back by popular demand, we’re thrilled to have Serena, aka Seriously Soupy!

Serena started creating soups as a creative outlet for herself after her first daughter was born, which combined her passion for cooking with an interest in learning more about soups and soup making. She has given soup tours and taught soup classes and has a catalog of over 100 homemade soups. Twice a month you can find her here, at My Judy the Foodie, sharing her culinary wisdom and helping to demystify the world of soup.

Here’s what Serena has to say about her Vegetable-Packed Winter Comfort Soup:

This winter has been brutal. Sickness, colds, and generally discomfort have been the norm. As a mom of three, I recently had a bout of sniffles and a slight fever where I knew that I had to amp up the nutrients to prevent a full blown cold.

Using beans and tons of vegetables, I created a vitamin-rich soup that was comforting, super healthy, and really easy-to-prepare. With soup making, I try to focus on the flavor of the foods, so I used minimal herbs for this recipe. The flavor from the soup was contained within the richness of the vegetables alone.

This made for a delicious and healthy way to ward of my winter cold.

Hope you enjoy!

Turkey and Chickpea Stew

Turkey and Chickpea Stew

While we haven’t had much snow on the east coast, it is still winter.  For my family, that translates to meals that are comforting and filling.  As you might’ve imagined, my slow cooker has been put into overdrive and I feel as though baking in the oven adds another much-needed layer of heat for my apartment.

There isn’t a week that goes by without some sort of casserole or stew being designed.  There should be no intimidation factor here.  Most casseroles and stews are hassle-free to make.  As long as you’re comfortable using a knife, you should be all set.

I love this Turkey and Chickpea stew recipe from Seriously Soupy.  It’s simple and less labor intensive- requiring absolutely no chopping and dicing of the classic vegetables and potatoes.

It’s best, like every stew and soup, served with a nice warm slice of bread on the side.  And, it can keep in the freezer for up to a week!!

So, maybe you’ll get your stew on this weekend with your family?  This one won’t disappoint.


Fried Cauliflower Rice


If you go online and search for rice-based recipes, there are myriad options. It’s totally overwhelming.

Did you know there are more than 40,000 different rice varieties? However, in my research online, I kept finding different variations of one recipe that totally peaked my interest: Cauliflower Fried Rice.

At first I mistakenly thought the recipe was a rice dish with bits of roasted cauliflower—a vegetable that is totally underrated in my household. However, Cauliflower Rice doesn’t contain rice at all. The “rice” part of the dish is simply cauliflower that’s been placed in a food processor and ground down to bits the size of rice.

This dish is phenomenal. The best part is that it’s also guilt-free. That’s right. It’s low-carb and gluten-free but, so flavorful and filling.

The cauliflower bits combined with the smoky-flavored crunch of the bacon and flavor of the eggs, garlic, carrots, green onions and cashews is nothing short of wonderful.

I had a bowlful for lunch and dinner too. One head of cauliflower makes at least 5-6 heaping servings.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with other add-on veggies like broccoli florets or even diced zucchini.

I KNOW you will enjoy.









Cauliflower Soup


It’s officially starting to feel like the precursor to winter. Snow on Thanksgiving?

To adapt, I’m kicking off my winter survival mode in the kitchen. So, beginning this week, the slow cooker will find a permanent place on the counter top as will the blender. Why? Because I slow cook meats and blend tons of soup—two hearty dishes ideal for wintertime.

Last night I made a terrific Cauliflower Soup. It wasn’t intentional. I noticed that I had a head of cauliflower in the crisper that needed to be used and, I had been sent a Cauliflower soup recipe earlier in the day that spawned my interest.


So, I adapted a few recipes based on the available ingredients and created the tastiest, filling soup. This soup’s base is not thick and creamy like many recipes that use half and half or whole milk. Rather, this soup relies on chicken broth as the base. Additionally, the cauliflower is not pureed. Instead, there are nice full chunks of the vegetable in the soup that adds a nice crunch to the overall texture.


I added in some shredded cheese and bacon bits before serving which definitely sealed the deal with my kids.

Try it for yourself.  Any additions?

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