Zucchini Bread

Homemade Healthy Zucchini Bread

When your garden yields colossal zucchinis, your hands are forced and you must come up with some recipes to put your crop to good use.

Admittedly, with zucchini this large, I was worried that the size would sacrifice the flavor.


A few summers ago, we picked a 22″ zucchini and when we tried to use it in a few recipes, it had little to no taste and was full of water.

So, this time around, we were a bit skeptical about our super-sized veggies.

We decided to bake our favorite Zucchini Bread recipe from our cookbook bible: The Silver Palate by Sheila Lukins.  In fact, it’s so simple to make that my 13-year old daughter baked it by herself.

From the shredding of the zucchini to the mixing of the batter, within 2 hours we had a gorgeous homemade Zucchini Bread.


zucchini bread final

Try it for yourself.


Blackberry Pear Soup

blackberry soup

All summer long we’ve been enjoying summer soups from the freshest bounty of vegetables we could find.

Have you ever consider making soup for dessert? It’s an ideal medium for fresh seasonal fruits.

This recipe from Chef Payard only uses 4 ingredients and makes for an elegant and healthy dessert.

For a little extra sweetness, don’t be shy, add a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on top or even a nice dollop of fresh ricotta cheese.



Blueberry Mint Soup


Steamy hot weather calls for cold-chilled soups.

Who’s excited about cooking hot foods during the dog days of summer. I usually opt for salads, smoothies and any meat that can be quickly cooked on the grill.

My mint plant is luscious so I decided to recreate one of my favorite summer soups– from our resident soup expert Seriously Soupy– inspired by my plant and the fresh batch of blueberries in my refrigerator.

Also included in this recipe is some refreshing watermelon, Greek yogurt and a little bit of sugar to really make this a treat.

Remember to cook the berries for less than 5 minutes, blend the mixture, and let the soup chill at least an hour in the refrigerator before serving.


Gingered Sweet Corn with Lime

gingered corn

I want to hit the rewind button on summer.

It’s moving way too quickly.  But, one of the only reasons I look forward to the last month of  summer is for the bountiful harvest of sweet summer corn that adorns the markets, farm stands and summer menus.

A meal in my house does not feel complete without the incorporation of ears of corn, prepared any way: boiled, grilled, roasted.

Today’s recipe contains a “spunky spin” on our family summer favorite.  The addition of minced garlic and ginger and lime to the kernels of buttery corn add a subtle bite to the otherwise traditional dish.

It’s delicious, easy to make, and tastes just as great served hot or freshly chilled from the fridge.

Enjoy. I know you will.

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