Simple Summer Vegetable Soup


Today’s recipe is from resident soup expert Serena, aka Seriously Soupy.  Serena is known for her soup tours, she has taught soup classes and has a catalogue of over 100 homemade soups.

You can join Serena on her Soupy journey here once a month where she’ll share her wisdom and helping demystify the world of soup.


Here’s what Serena has to say:

Summer is a terrific time to experiment with light and health soups. While smoothies and salads are generally the typical lighter summer fare, soups are also an easy way to get a dose of nutrients while enjoy a hearty and delicious meal.

This week I used some basic ingredients that I had at home including asparagus, onions, garlic, parsley, carrots, tomatoes, and frozen peas to create a soup that was bursting with flavor.

Another bonus to this soup is that it’s easy to prepare and ready in 60 mins or less.


Cole Slaw with Grapes and Almonds


Lucky for me, my two go to Cole Slaw recipes have never yielded any left overs.   While Mom’s Venezuelan Cole Slaw is appreciated for its lack of  traditional creamy mayonnaise, this particular slaw recipe gets credit for its freshly chilled grapes and almonds. It’s ideal as a summer side.

It’s a flavorful trifecta with the sweetness from the grapes,, the crunch of the almonds and the bitterness of the cabbage. You can also replace the sugar with honey and use red onions



Blue Potato Salad

potato saladfont


It’s hard being the consummate weekend hostess because inevitably many meal preps and clean ups ensue.   While I have built up the confidence to cook for people and I do enjoy feeding my family and friends, it’s so refreshing when a house guest comes to visit and requests and offers to cook a yummy dish.

What’s better than that?

I usually carefully plan out each meal ahead of time, primarily because I don’t want to spend any quality time running out to the grocery store.  I  commence  prep/marinade work before the guests arrive.  But, when a guest arrives with a recipe and the ingredients, it’s hard to say no!

I love the particular potato salad recipe (from my friend Donna) mainly for its beauty and simplicity.

With just a couple of ingredients (all of which you should be able to find in your well-stocked pantry), you’ll  whip up a beautiful, light, refreshing Blue Potato Salad for your summer cook outs.

It’s the perfect side dish to cold cuts or any grilled meats, and the honestly, vibrant blue color of the potatoes is intriguing if anything else.

Next time you’re in a bind for a picnic or BBQ side dish, try this one.

It’s quick, easy and quite tasty!

Green Pea Guacamole


Is there anything better than freshly-made guacamole in the summertime?

Apparently, New York Times food columnist Melissa Clark sparked outrage across social media yesterday after publishing a recipe that encourages English peas to be used as a replacement for avocados into the traditional guacamole dish.

Everyone from President Obama to Jebb Bush weighed in on twitter; it seemed as if no one was willing to support the mushy green replacement for the vibrant creamy avocados (even though the local drought out west has been drying up the California avocado crop and subsequently their prices have skyrocketed in stores).

Where do I net out?

Well, I made a Green Pea Guacamole last year and will admit that the new variety was a beautifully vibrant and well-received dish for all of my guests. However, I must admit, I did compromise.  I added green peas in addition to the avocado which rendered a nice sweet compliment to the warmth of the avocado.  In fact, the peas’ lacy sweetness might even make you raise your eyebrow and say, “Aha, this is good.”

Honestly, simply add in some coarse sea salt, hot sauce  and then serve your dip with blue corn chips and you’re set for a wonderful variation on a celebrated dip.

Walk into a party with Green Pea Guacamole and I promise you’ll definitely get the attention you deserve– hopefully not with a tweet from Obama or Bush!

I loved the Green Pea Guacamole and will definitely make it again but no one can deny that freshly-made guacamole with Haas avocados (my fave) is unrivaled.

Have you seen my video on how to make tradition quacamole?  If not, watch here, it’s way too easy:

 And, you will certainy enjoy the Green Pea Guacamole too!

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