Homemade Caramel Corn

With Halloween approaching, my apartment is filling up with a plethora of unopened bags of candy.  I’ve made a vow to myself and kids that we wouldn’t dip into our sweet stash before October 31st.  I’m also on a quest to keep experimenting; I’m making homemade versions of otherwise not so healthy store bought goods.

Today, I found myself in the kitchen making my very own batches of homemade Caramel Corn.  I would never think to purchase Caramel Corn simply because it’s so sugary and sweet.   However, I have many fond memories of sleeping over my grandmother’s house and watching Fantasy Island and The Love Boat while munching on her Poppycock.  Do you remember Poppycock with those clusters of popcorn and almonds, and pecans covered in the mystery candy glaze? I lived for that treat but my Grandma always forbade me to tell my Mom I noshed on them all night long. It was our little secret.

Today you can find so many other popcorn varieties displayed on the shelves in almost any store.  It’s only natural to think that cheddar cheese and sea salt popcorn is healthier than popcorn that’s coated with caramel. I decided to take matters in my own hands and continue my homemade streak.  After all, as I learned with my Nutella experiment, when you’re in control and aware of each and every ingredient being used in a recipe, you’re definitely better off.  For example, for the Caramel Corn Recipe, instead of corn syrup, I used an all natural syrup made from cane sugar and free from any artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

The quick and easy Caramel Corn recipe I used and adapted was found on one of my favorite sites: Recipe Girl.   The cooking process from beginning to end was seamless and quite pleasing (to the senses). Imagine having your whole apartment wafting the smells of butter and caramel and light brown sugar.

So, this year for your Halloween party, you can make your own Caramel Pop Corn.  You can sacrifice some of the unhealthy ingredients found in the store bought bag but, you definitely won’t alter the taste.


naked popcorn

finished batch of caramel corn


What’s your popcorn story.  Do you like it?  What do you think about all the new esoteric popcorn varieties in the stores?  Are you plain and air-popped or kettle corn and fancy?


  1. You know, I actually thought of using Lyle’s, but so many people don’t have access to it that I just stuck w/ corn syrup. Glad to know it works w/ Lyle’s too!

  2. I have wonderful high school memories of making carameled popcorn for my parents and my friends. I used the recipe in the Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cookbook for years. It’s one of my favorite treats, but I overeat it. Store bought always disappoints me.

    • Caron » what I’m learning: so many of the items I just automatically purchased in stores can be made very easily in my home. The caramel corn took 30 minutes total and honestly, it tastes great and saves money! Overeating it is a different story….

  3. thank you Shari, pop corn was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It melts in your mouth!

    You are one of the most amazing people and talented chefs! I have ever met!


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