Valentine’s Sweetheart Bark and Candy Buttons

Sweetheart Bark is the ideal candy for anyone who has experienced the gamut of emotions on Valentine’s Day.

Maybe your most intense memories date all the way back to grade school when you exchanged those cheesy VDay cards in those makeshift paper bag mailboxes.

Or, maybe it was a Valentine’s Day you spent broken-hearted, alone, cursing the Hallmark holiday.

Or, perhaps it was a Valentine’s Day with your loved one, in a romantic place, sharing an unforgettable moment.

Or, maybe your most meaningful Valentine’s Day has been as a parent connecting with your children.

Whatever the sentiment, making Sweetheart Bark appeals to the masses:

If you’re angry or lonely or frustrated or jilted, crushing the candy hearts with the mallet on your kitchen table can prove to be very very cathartic.

If you’re happy and fulfilled you can rejoice in the sweet smelling milk and white chocolate as it slowly melts in your boiler.

If you’re sharing the day with your children, you will have a blast pouring the melted chocolate into the molds and dumping the crushed hearts over top.

This candy is kitshy, playful, fun, colorful, tasty and BEYOND easy to make.

With only 2 ingredients and 3 steps, you can’t pass this up!

Heart-shaped molds for bark

Molds filled with melted chocolate

Sweet hearts before

Smashed sweethearts




Remember those chocolate turtles we made for Halloween.  Well, the Valentine’s Candy Buttons are very similar.  With only three simple ingredients, you’ll be able to create fun, festive, colorful buttons.

Festive holiday M&M “buttons


Pretzels and Hershey’s Hugs lined up and ready to heat up

Button assembly line

Final candy buttons



  1. so cute!!! I love these ideas.

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    Mrs. Delightful

  3. Great post and pictures. Happy Valentine’s Day. Come visit. We are talking about chocolate today and we have a great couscous recipe to share.

  4. I love easy, family friendly treats like these. They turned out SO cute.

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