Seriously Soupy: One Cantaloupe, Three Soups

It’s Seriously Soupy Sunday, featuring one of my favorite bloggers Serena, who authors a blog called Seriously Soupy.  Serena started Seriously Soupy as a creative outlet for herself after her first daughter was born, which combined her passion for cooking with an interest in learning more about soups and soup making. Since it started she has given soup tours and taught soup classes and has a catalogue of over 100 soups on the site! You can join Serena on her Soupy journey at and twice a month you can find her here, at My Judy the Foodie, sharing her wisdom and helping demystify the world of soup.


The beauty of soups (and there are so many beautiful things) is that no two recipes ever have to be the same – despite using similar ingredients. Your lentil soup can be a veggie-based soup and mine might have pork. Or maybe, you use red lentils and I use brown. The basic components and idea of these soups are the same, but its taste can be very different, depending on your ingredients – making mom’s chicken soup very different than what you buy in a store. What is so great about this (and rather amazing) is that the possibilities really are endless with soup making.

I was recently inspired to create a soup that would use the same base ingredient (cantaloupe) by making three soup variations out of it.  For this soup recipe entitled, “One Cantaloupe, Three Soups,” I made a prosciutto and melon mint soup, a green tea-infused melon soup and triple basil melon soup. Asking me to pick my favorite would be difficult, so I’ll just say that they all had very distinctive flavors with strong hints of the sweet and yummy muskmelon.  The prosciutto melon was smoky and packed a punch thanks to the mint; the green tea one was a bit “earthy” but blended well with the apricot and the triple basil melon was like a light and refreshing smoothie-like soup with a peppery finish. After this experiment, I’ll never look at one ingredient the same way and (another beautiful thing about soups) is that you never have to.

Soupy Side Note: Since I only used one cantaloupe to create these soups, the recipe requires ¼ a chunk of cantaloupe, which made one serving. If you would like more servings, I would use one whole cantaloupe per soup and double up on the ingredients. But remember: there are no rules in soup making, so let your judgment and taste testing be your guide.

Prosciutto and Melon Mint Soup


Green Tea-Infused Melon Soup topped with Dried Apricot


Triple Melon Basil  Soup topped with Red Basil



  1. How creative! We are suckers for chilled soups when the temperature soars. Thanks for sharing your creations!


  2. Fabulously creative!! 😀

  3. These are fantastic! This is my first time here but I will definitely check out Seriously Soupy we are BIG on soups at our house.

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