Another Motherless Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is bittersweet for me.  There’s not a single day that passes by without missing Mom and thinking about the impact she had (and still has) on my life.

Through My Judy the Foodie, Mom is still very much alive and vibrant in my kitchen.

Her heart beats with every pot that boils.

Her smile widens with every cake baked.

Her voice reassures with every meal served.

We are reclaiming our lost time with Mom.

And, we will continue to spread her unconditional love and inspiration through her food.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Mom’s last birthday celebration


  1. ditto to all you’ve shared. love you!

  2. I know today/every day is hard but I can only imagine how proud she is of you (and stacy) for your great mothering. xx

  3. You know there is no more exceptional testimonial to the amazing Judy than you and your sister and the incredible moms you are. And also – a wonderful friend, a fabulous writer, and an outrageously generous woman in all ways. Your mom lives on every day in you, your kids and right here on this blog. I’m so happy you found a positive way to stay connected to your mom every day, and share her with the rest of us too.
    You should be amazingly proud this Mother’s Day!

    • Rebecca » thanks Bec for pushing me to do this. It’s been so cathartic on many levels….xxx

  4. Your blog is a lovely tribute to your Mom. Although today is bittersweet, I know your cooking and your writing has given great meaning to the person, the Mom you have become. I’m happy that you experience a lot of sweet from this experience.

  5. There is no greater tribute you could give Judy than being the incredible mothers and friends you and Stacy are…she was such an inspiration and I miss her beautiful spirit.

  6. A beautiful tribute. Your words hold true no matter what age. Our kitchens remain forever our connections to our moms souls. Every holiday my floured covered hand wants to reach for the phone to check out a measurement, a substitute, a save. So, I can’t call her but I call up to her…and I feel her response, and I hear her laughter.

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