Giveaway: Sheila Lukins’ Entire ECookbook Collection

Sheila Lukins, celebrated cookbook author and PARADE food editor, writer and chef, inspired would-be chefs across the country with her creative yet easy-to-prepare recipes.  Sheila has often said that one of her greatest compliments was when a PARADE reader told her that preparing one of her recipes was like “having a friend in the kitchen.”

My mother used Sheila Lukins’ cookbooks as her North Star in the kitchen.  In fact, when I went to clean out Mom’s bookshelves, I opened her treasured copies of Sheila’s “The New Basics Cookbook” and “The Silver Palate.” They looked like relics from a mad scientists’ laboratory.  Pages were dog-eared, words were circled, and Mom’s personal notes were written all along the recipes.  These books supported Mom’s burgeoning interest in cooking and helped transform her from someone who couldn’t boil an egg as a newlywed, to someone who could make a mean Chicken Marbella as a mother of three.

Six years ago I had the rare opportunity to enjoy a dinner party hosted by Sheila in her New York City apartment. From oysters, to her Penne with Red and Yellow Peppers and Fresh Ricotta Cheese, to her amazing Rib Eye with Wild Mushroom Ragout, that evening of dining made an indelible mark on me as I got to experience first-hand Sheila’s culinary magic!

What makes the story hit even closer to home is that, just like Mom, Sheila was taken from us too early.  Sheila succumbed to cancer a year after Mom did, but they were both fighters, and they were both strong women who left behind a legacy for other women to be inspired from in the kitchen and beyond.

Now it’s your turn to be inspired…

You can enter for your chance to win the brand new complete ecookbook compilation of Sheila’s favorite recipes from her time at PARADE Magazine, written with the busy cook in mind.

The five comprehensive e-books focus on one theme from Sheila’s more than twenty years of recipe columns for PARADE Magazine. “Pasta,” “Fish,” “One Pot Meals,” “Soups,” and “Chicken,” showcase meals that are healthy for weeknight dinners and easy to dress up for weekends and dinner parties.


Within these pages, you will find a wide variety of creative recipes combining fresh, high quality ingredients for rich, delicious flavors—as well as a professional chef’s advice for working with other ingredients.  And, rest assured, if you don’t win, can also check them out and buy them here:


Giveaway Details:

One (1) lucky winner will receive the complete 5-copy ecookbook compilation of Sheila Lukins’ favorite recipes from her time at PARADE Magazine (from RosettaBooks).

How to Enter

To enter to win, simply leave a comment in the post telling me what you’d love to learn how to cook from Sheila.  That’s it! You’re entered to win!

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The Fine Print

Deadline: Monday, September 24th, 2012 at 11:59pm EST.

Winner: A winner will be chosen at random using and announced at the top of this post. The winner will also be notified via email and the My Judy the Foodie fan page on Facebook; if the winner does not respond within 48 hours, another winner will be selected.


 About the Author: One of America’s most beloved food writers, Sheila Lukins was known for her creative use of unusual ingredients and bold flavors in accessible recipes.  Her popular seven cookbooks including The Silver Palate series and The New Basics Cookbook have sold more than seven million copies.

Sheila Lukins co-founded the famous Silver Palate gourmet food shop in New York City.  In 1986, she succeeded Julia Child as food editor and columnist at PARADE Magazine.


  1. I need something new to cook for dinner – everyone is sick of my three or four dishes (including me!!!)- help with a new easy main course! something new for chicken maybe?

  2. Sigh. I still have my original copy of the Silver Palate. What a sensation it was when it first came out – it brought the high style of NYC ‘couture take-out’ into everybody’s homes. What a fabulous prize!

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  5. I need more Pasta recipes!!!

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  7. i need to know how to prepare fish, all kinds of fish

  8. I would love to be more creative in making soup from scratch!

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  12. Debbie Mowery says:

    I would some new soup and one pot meal ideas!

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    I became a fan of My Judy the Foodie on Facebook 🙂

  14. I love good food and Sheila is all about good food!

  15. Two of my favorite go-to recipes come from her New Basics, even all these years later. It must be time to find a new go-to!

  16. I’ve just subscribed and can’t wait to read more by Judy.

  17. I’d be interested in any new twists on my old standbys.

  18. I’m following Pinterest

  19. Chicken Marbella sounds wonderful, I would like to learn that from Sheila

  20. Andrea Potischman says:

    As a culinary school graduate I would like to learn all of Sheila’s recipes, her told was both wonderful and timeless. She was a remarkable women and amazing chef, a true inspiration to me since I was 16. She is missed dearly, but her talent and creativity will live on through her recipes.

  21. Janette Desousa says:

    I love trying new recipes!!

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  25. Rosanne Fullam says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Sheila many years ago when I taught her daughter. At that time I was too young and inexperienced in the kitchen to know what a genius she was. Today I would love to lean how to cook for a crowd and still serve a gourmet meal.

  26. Rosanne Fullam says:

    I just became a friend of Judy the Foodie on Facebook

  27. Because I just started being more serious about cooking Sheila’s collection seem like a perfect motivation for honing my humble cooking skills. Great prize! And I already am a subscriber:)

  28. I would like to learn how to cook a roast chicken as good as Citarella’s.

  29. I’d love to hearn how to become a better cook and I liked what you said about your mom evolving from not knowing how to boil an egg when she got married, into a good cook following Sheila’s recipes. As a working mom, I often don’t take time or get creative when cooking or shopping for what to make, and I’d like to use her recipes to bring some variety and deliciousness to my family’s dinner table. I am not a great cook but I can follow a recipe!

  30. I just became a fan of Judy the Foodie on Facebook

  31. The first thing I remember learning to cook from the Silver Palate was Chicken Marbella. I have loved it ever since and make it often. Although, I was reviewing the book last night and will be trying two new recipes this weekend.

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  35. I would love to learn some good one-pot meals. There is nothing quite like comfort food!

  36. The Chicken Marbella is already a staple in our home. We make it no less than 4 times a year. We have made other recipes from Sheila that have all been great….Can’t wait to try and learn more of her great and easy menu ideas.

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    I want to learn more ways to cook Fish!

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  41. Marcie Frahm says:

    I am the only person in my home that does NOT eat chicken and therefore, would LOVE to learn more delish recipes from SHEILA about how to prepare chicken for the men in my home. And the one pot cookbook? PLEASE!!

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