Slow Cooked Beef Tips


My kids know how extremely lucky we are.

Three days later, we’re still incredulous as  we watch footage of the mass devastation from Hurricane Sandy in towns not far from here.

Just a few block south we have many friends and neighbors still without power, evacuated from buildings, suffering major loss from the floods.

While most of the stores are  beginning to resume their natural course of business, many are still functioning on skeleton hours with shoe string staff.  Even though we know we were spared, nothing seems normal.

Throughout the days, my kids have been watching the news coverage from Hurricane Sandy.  I’m sure they can’t comprehend most of what they’re watching.  I can’t.  Everyone is off-kilter.

We’ve eaten every meal together inside our apartment for the past 4 days.  When there’s limited access to markets and fresh food, it’s hard not to default to dry carbs like pasta and pizza and rice.  So, I’ve had the slow cooker working overtime, trying to diversify our meals while adding in some protein here and there. From Slow Cooked Coconut Curry Chicken to Baked Apples to Slow Cooked Beef Tips, we’ve had some nice variety.

There’s something very comforting about those simple, fresh flavorful smells wafting from the crock.  And, the finished dishes are hearty and delicious, bursting with bold flavors, begging to be eaten.

It’s an understatement to say mealtime has become especially sacred these past few days. Not only because we actually have POWER and CAN COOK, but because it’s our time to sit down together, express our concerns and hopes for our friends and family, all while enjoying some nourishing food.

This recipe for Slow Cooked Beef Tips, like all the slow cooker recipes, is hassle-free, requiring no culinary skill at all.

Just let the crock do all the work.  (if you don’t have a crock pot, you can purchase one at the My Judy the Foodie store, where a percentage of the proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Research Association of America).

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