Wheat Berry Salad

wheat berry

Ever cooked with Wheat Berry before?

I was intrigued a few months ago at the health food store and bought a bag of wheat berry that wound up getting pushed to the back of my pantry and later hidden behind the cereal.

That bag was rediscovered this past weekend and I swore to myself to would try to cook with this mysterious grain. I figured I’d recreate a wheat berry salad recipe similar to that of the Quinoa salad.

I’ve learned that wheat berry is simply a high-fiber whole wheat kernel with the husks removed; it can be used much like any other whole grain.

But, because the wheat berries are a bit tough, they take a long time to cook.

I followed the instructions and decided to prepare them the proper way: I pre-soaked the wheat for a couple of hours in the morning so that they were softened up enough to expedite the cooking time. I also made sure I covered them with plenty of water and simmered them in a covered pot for about 45-50 minutes.

When it came time to add the ingredients to my wheat berry salad, I held no restraint. I added in a medley of dried fruit, fresh fruit, some herbs, nuts and cheese.

I LOVED the salad yet, my other family members only liked it, probably because these whole wheat kernels never cook to be light and fluffy like rice.

I am almost more excited to try it again tomorrow when it’s cold, direct from the fridge, to determine which way I prefer it served.

In the meantime, try it for yourself. With the fresh fruit, this recipe is ideal as a side dish at a summer BBQ! However, the roasted almonds add a nice smoky flavor to the nutty flavor of the wheat berry- a welcomed side dish to any fall or winter meal too.



  1. I love wheat berries but never knew what to do with them. I will try this recipe next.

    • Ellen » it’s really great….adam and maddy didn’t love. the feta really changed the landscape of taste for me!

  2. I tried wheatberries once and loved them. This looks like a great recipe!

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