An Apple a Day


I’m excited to share with you another article of mine that just published over at P&G Everyday!!

It’s a real thrill to be writing for a brand like P&G and I feel as though I’ve come full circle–during my days in the marketing group at MTV Networks, P&G was my client.

Well, do you want some simple, fresh ideas towards eating healthier?

It’s true, what we consume on a daily basis can have a direct effect on our overall health.

If we become more thoughtful about the food we eat, pay attention to our cravings, and simply tweak our eating habits – by adding more fruits and veggies to our diet – there’s no doubt we’ll experience a heightened sense of well-being both physically and mentally.

For an easy guide to the benefits to eating your fruits and veggies, check out my latest article, An Apple a Day.

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