An Apple a Day

I'm excited to share with you another article of mine that just published over at P&G Everyday!! It's a real thrill to be writing for a brand like P&G and I feel as though I've come full circle--during my days in the marketing group at MTV Networks, P&G was my client. Well, do you want some simple, fresh ideas towards eating healthier? It’s true, what we consume on a daily basis can have a direct effect on our overall health. If we become more thoughtful about the food we eat, pay attention to our cravings, and simply … [Read more...]

Stuffed Baked Avocado: 3 Ways

photo courtesy of P&G Home Made Simple   We love avocados in my house and we try to incorporate them to any dish whenever we can. Hopefully you've already watched my video on how to make the best homemade guacamole. And, for the BEST avocado-based recipes, you must check out my new article over at P&G Home Made Simple. You'll get not one but three tasty recipes for Stuffed Baked Avocados. After one bite you'll agree: this wholesome mineral-packed, hearty fruit is just as tasty baked on its own with additional … [Read more...]

How to Fortify Your Immune System

Your immune system provides your defenses against diseases. However, like anything else, sometimes it fails. Want to find out very simple, practical ways you can actually BOOST your immune system through healthier eating? Check out my latest post published at P&G Everyday, Boost Your Immune System with Healthier Eating: Because, let's face it, there's some truth in the expression, "you are what you eat." Being careful about your food routines and choices can make a huge impact on your defenses and … [Read more...]