Fruit & Avocado Smoothie

fruit smoothie

Smoothies have become our breakfast au choix in the mornings.  They’re fun, beyond easy to make, and the whole family can participate.

The best part of smoothie making is watching the most seemingly random ingredients blend together to make the most unusual flavorful drinks.

Our new favorite appliance is our handy NutriBullet.  We are able to make single serve smoothie portions and take it with us on the go on the way to school drop offs.

I’ve never been a fan of “sneaking” veggies into meals.  However, I’ve discovered that smoothies are the ideal conduit for adding greens into your (kids’) diet.  The sweetness of any fruit like: strawberries, bananas, blueberries, pears or pineapples will dominate the drink so much, the vegetables will get consumed virtually unnoticed.

You can either use fresh fruit or do what I did and go to your local store and purchase a bunch of frozen fruit that will last a long time.  Every other morning, we’re concocting new smoothies that not only taste great but, are healthy too.

We’re not adding in any artificial sweeteners or any calorie-laden toppings.  Just  the basics: fruit and milk and maybe some healthy powders….that’s it!

Do you drink a smoothie in the morning?  If so, what’s your favorite?

Hope you enjoy our latest family concoction:



  1. Smoothie in any form is my fav. This one do sound wonderful.

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