Fruit Dip

yogurt dip

It was such a beautiful day yesterday in the northeast yesterday.  A  day defined by blue skies, no humidity, and a comfortable 75 degree temperature.

It was also a memorable day as My Judy the Foodie blog reached a bunch of milestones thanks to readers like you:

My Judy the Foodie ranked #8 in the Circle of Moms Top 25 Foodie Moms Contest !

My Judy the Foodie Fan Page reached a whopping 5500 fans— in just two short years!

Very exciting.

To celebrate, I’ve made a simple, fruity, tasty fruit dip that is so sweet and refreshing, it’ll put an immediate smile on your face.

There’s no stove involved.

You only need a couple of ingredients from your fridge and a blender.  That’s it!

This fruit dip is ideal as a refreshing afternoon snack, as a breakfast option with granola or even as a dessert after dinner.


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