Fish Tacos with Cucumber Tomato Salsa

Light, easy dishes go hand in hand with the hot, humid days of summer. Fish Tacos w/Spicy Tomato Cucumber Salsa are ideal.

Not only have my kids discovered a new love for Tilapia this year but, any dish containing the word “taco” ranks high– it’s fun for them to build their own tacos with all of the fixings as they love taking ownership of their meals (which happens very infrequently).

It’s important to note that any light white fish can be substituted for the Tilapia in fish tacos. And, you can add any additional toppings you’d like. For my family, cheese is REQUIRED as part of the taco building process in my family. And, although I suspected my kids would have no interest in cabbage wedges, I kept this ingredient in the recipe as a mini challenge for us.

The marinade for the fish is very basic yet crucial to the flavor. Don’t substitute the lime juice. I added in a pinch more salt before I placed the fish in the Ziploc bag to soak up the flavor prior to cooking. There was no way we were going to cook the fish on the stove but rather, opted to grill outside since it was a picture perfect evening with clear skies and a cool breeze. Like most white flaky fishes, it cooked on the grill very quickly so make sure it’s the last piece of prep to your taco puzzle.

Tilapia post marinate, pre-grill

I was also adventurous and made fresh salsa. Of course it’s so easy to open a can of ready-made salsa but, I have to admit, there’s nothing tastier than fresh cherry tomatoes with fresh cucumbers and fresh onions tossed with lime juice, oil and salt. And, unless you don’t have 5 minutes to chop the veggies and about 30 minutes to chill the mixture in the fridge, you must try this salsa recipe. I opted out of the chilli peppers knowing it could completely derail the salsa’s approval rating for my family. We’re not spicy people so, I needed to keep it basic.

Homemade salsa

Our favorite part of the meal was the “fixins” bar I set up in little bowls. I chose these toppings: steamed jasmine rice, fat free sour cream, shredded red cabbage, shredded cheddar cheese and the homemade salsa. I also served two different kinds of tortilla shells – regular flour and whole wheat (for me). There’s no surprise the cheese ran out immediately. And, as expected, the shredded cabbage definitely peaked the curiosity of my son. I’m fairly certain its deep purple hue initially won him over.

But, nonetheless, the meal received the coveted two thumbs up even with the cabbage!

Fixings bar

The fish tacos were the perfect dish for our summer evening: prep time is minimal, it’s light, tangy and tasty.

For me, it’s very satisfying serving fish instead of defaulting to chicken or meat for the taco filler.

And, best part, we’ve got left overs for tomorrow.

Whether you use Tilapia or another flaky fish, this meal is yummy!

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