Bake it Happen for Breast Cancer

October is always a tough month for me.  Not only was it my mom’s birthday month but, it was also the month she died from her 5 1/2 battle with Breast Cancer.

How coincidental that National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is also October.

This year, I’m beyond proud to announce the launch of a new Breast Cancer cause-marketing campaign my sister and I created called:


The premise is simple, tasty and fun.

Just head over to Bananas for Boobies  and sign up to receive Judy’s amazing secret recipe for her Banana Chocolate Chip Loaf.

Then, all we want you to do is to bake it, put one of our logos on your packaging, and then share your tasty loaf with everyone, everywhere:

  • at your son’s soccer game
  • at your board meeting
  • at church, synagogue
  • at the gym
  • with your neighbors
Snap a photo of your Bananas for Boobies experience. It could be a picture of you baking, your kids baking, a picture of your loaf, a picture of people enjoying your loaf.
When you upload your picture to @Bake it Happen (our Facebook fan page) or if you’re not on Facebook, you can email your picture to, you’re automatically entered in to win a brand new IPAD.
But, it gets even better than that.

$1 will get donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of America 

every time a new loaf picture is sent in or uploaded.

I’ve already baked 8 loaves and have 4 sitting in my freezer waiting to be shared. It’s a fun baking activity for the family.

We hope you’ll Bake it Happen and spread the Bananas for Boobies love throughout the month so we can create a viral movement to help create awareness and raise money for Breast Cancer research.

To get the recipe and more information, please visit our site:

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