Chai Spiced Sweet Potatoes


My October Secret Recipe Club assignment was the blog Tara’s Multicultural Table which features “fresh, family-friendly recipes from around the world.” After having lived abroad in Japan and Germany, Tara was exposed to and learned to love many different types of cuisines, namely Japanese, German, Italian, Greek, and Vietnamese.

Tara’s blog is vast and categorizes her recipes by either continent or ingredients.  You’ll find everything from Vietnamese Salad Rolls to German Donuts, all adorned with beautiful food photography and step-by-step instructions.

I chose to make Tara’s Chai-Spiced Sweet Potatoes; maybe it’s because I have Thanksgiving on the brain, or maybe it’s because I like anything Chai.  I figured it would be the perfect pre-Turkey Day test run for me.  While I have many sweet potato side dishes, this was a first.

Lucky for me I had all the spices in my spice cabinet so all I needed to get from the store were some sweet potatoes.  The recipe is really quite easy and only requires baking the sweet potatoes and then mashing them with the ingredients that serve to provide and enhance the sweet Chai flavor: brown sugar, cardamon, ground cloves, cinnamon— all the spices I associate with the fall harvest.

Since I love butter on my sweet potatoes, I added in three pats into the mash and heated the final dish in the oven prior to serving.

The result was a sweet and savory side dish that caught the attention of everyone at the table.  And, to everyone’s surprise, it was tasty.

There were no leftovers.  That’s a sign of a good meal.

Definitely check out Tara’s Multicultural Table for a wide assortment of recipes from all over the world.


  1. So glad you enjoyed it! This is a favorite for my husband and son.

  2. What a great new way to make sweet potatoes! Awesome pick this month 🙂

  3. Great pick for this month! Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

  4. You definitely nailed it! The spices are pretty much my chai formula. Great SRC selection!

  5. Love sweet potatoes, love chai, never thought of mixing them both! Very cool recipe!

    great choice for your SRC assignment

  6. Yumm!! What a great side dish for this fall weather – fantastic SRC pick!!

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