Quinoa with Pomegranates and Pistachios

One reason I love Thanksgiving weekend is that I don't cook at all.  We're about to head down to Baltimore to visit our respective families and the minute I step out of the car, I assume the role of guest for the entire weekend.  It is a bit odd, the one non-denominational holiday that revolves around food and I'm not cooking at all.  But, I've come to relish in the fact that while other kitchens are brimming with activity and wafting with the aromas from the delicious medley of food, my kitchen is completely closed. While I'm not cooking, I … [Read more...]

No Kid Hungry this Thanksgiving

As I spent the afternoon in my kitchen testing out some of Mom's recipes for some holiday articles I'm writing.  I found myself needing a bunch of ingredients for the dishes.  Without hesitation, I nonchalantly ran out to the corner where I have not one but three different market options.  I quickly purchased my items and was home within a half hour.  One of the recipes calls for cheese; I purchased some small samples of Gruyere and Cheddar.  Another recipe calls for potatoes; I purchased two different varieties.  I was thinking "how lucky am … [Read more...]

Gingered Sweet Potato Casserole

With Thanksgiving only a few days away, it’s logical to start planning and test running some of your dishes.  Whether you’re the host(ess) of the evening (which I’ve never been) or whether you’re simply bringing a dish (that’s me), Sweet Potato Casserole should be on your menu somewhere.  In fact, I’ve never been to a Turkey Day feast that didn’t offer sweet potato “something” as a side dish. Last year I made the sinfully sweet and sticky  Sweet Potatoes w/Marshmallows and also baked a Sweet Potato Casserole with a sweet topping of brown … [Read more...]

Chai Spiced Sweet Potatoes

My October Secret Recipe Club assignment was the blog Tara’s Multicultural Table which features “fresh, family-friendly recipes from around the world.” After having lived abroad in Japan and Germany, Tara was exposed to and learned to love many different types of cuisines, namely Japanese, German, Italian, Greek, and Vietnamese. Tara’s blog is vast and categorizes her recipes by either continent or ingredients.  You’ll find everything from Vietnamese Salad Rolls to German Donuts, all adorned with beautiful food photography and step-by-step … [Read more...]