Summer BBQ: Grilled Peaches, Grilled Bananas, Grilled Kale

Bananas on the grillpeaches on the grill

Don’t get fooled into thinking that the grill is only a destination for  meats in the summertime.

Au contraire.

Last summer I had an AHA moment when I started grilling fruits and vegetables on the grill and my family actually LOVED the dishes. That’s right.  Move over hot dogs and burgers and chicken breasts and say hello to grilled peach halves and grilled curly kale!

Once you’ve warmed up to grilled peaches, try some grilled bananas as they’re quite tasty too.

I hope you enjoy my kale video and grilled fruits recipe and remember, nothing tastes better  in the summer than eating fruits and veggies picked directly from your garden (or picked from someone’s garden).

Happy grilling.




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