No Bake Strawberry Rhubarb Pie


We’re trying to hold onto summer as long as possible.

Luckily the weather on the east coast has been picture perfect, 85 degree days with no humidity.  And, my kids don’t even start school until after Labor Day which is a week later than usual so I do feel as though we still have some time on our side.

I’ve become accustomed to leaving the oven in the OFF position as long as possible.   That means NO BAKE are the operative words when I’m looking for a summer dessert option.

Up until last year,  Rhubarb had always been that elusive plant I’ve seen at various farmers’ markets.  I used to mistake it for Aloe. I just couldn’t figure it out.  Is it a plant?  Is it a medicine?  It was quite intimidating to me so I just ignored it.

It’s amazing what I learned from the internet in a matter of seconds:

1) Rhubarb is a vegetable but it’s often treated as a fruit.

2) Rhubarb’s leaves are poisonous.

3) The rhubarb stalk contains a lot of water. Most people boil it but, steaming provides the same results and it won’t lose color, flavor or nutrients.

4) Rhubarb is extremely low in calories.

5) Rhubarb is a good source of calcium, Vitamin C and fiber —  it’s rarely eaten raw.

6)  Be careful, too much Rhubarb has a laxative effect.

That’s all the confidence I needed to march back to my local supermarket and purchase some rhubarb stalks—wielding it around the store as if they were a light sabers with magical powers- we couldn’t wait to start the pie.

Rhubarb at the market– no longer intimidating

And, if you haven’t picked up from the No Bake Chocolate Pie, No Bake Peanut Butter Pie, No Bake Cherry Cheesecake Pie recipes:


Seriously, my kids (and 15-year old nephew) made this pie (without adult supervision) in 15 minutes.


Besides cutting up the rhubarb and hulling the strawberries, the only other skill that’s required is stirring a pot over the stove.

Rhubarb pieces chopped and waiting to be boiled

And, they wasted  no time making ahomemade crust consisting of butter and smashed Graham Cracker however, you can simply purchase a ready-made vanilla wafer crust or graham cracker crust at your local market.

After about 2 ½ hours in the fridge, the filling had gelled, we squirted on some whipped cream and shaved some chocolate.

Gelled strawberry/rhubarb filling ready for whipped topping

As expected, two thumbs up all around!

The pie is super sweet (you can offset the sugar by using stevia or another sugar substitute if you’d like).

If you’re looking for sweet without the heat, this No Bake Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie is a winner!  It’s too easy to pass up.


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